Blue Piano

Concept and furniture design for installation: Miho Hagino
Piano: Aki Takahashi
Technical help: Manuel Rocha
Ambient sound design: Gerardo Garcia de la Garza
Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros

Experimental sound art with modified electronic piano
Sofas, FRP base, polyurethane cushion, with 111 different combinations.
Edition 111

Blue Piano was created by Miho Hagino´s childhood memory from north part of Japan, where she received musical education from when she had 3 years. She had wondered uncomfortable classical piano concert in the full of snow landscape that is all gray color.

This installation piece was conceived as Hagino´s imaginary piano where each of the seven tonal scales was to be manually inverted, so as that any composition to be placed on the musical instrument would sound cacophonous. While pianist represented as powerful aliened person interprets classic and popular compositions, the visiting public will hear a concert of manipulated sounds (the original sound will be heard entering the museum). The artist establishes this musical arrangement by electric manipulation, using a software connected to an electric piano. On the other hand, Hagino designed singular furniture, especially for the occasion. Each furniture has different design according to the combination of the base and cushion. Audiences could got lost of these sound and visual ambience. Blue Piano is an event that combines a sonorous perception with an original visual proposal, creatively disrupting the conventional reception of a piano recital.

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