Proyecto JAPÓN
-A country in the memories-

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Documentary video and photography Proyecto JAPÓN -a country in the memories-, is based on a compilation of interviews with individuals; such as Japanese natives living in México, Japanese descendents in Mexico, and Japanese people in Japan, where they will speak about the relationship between each person and Japan or an emigrant and their birth country, and what would be the factors forming their identity in their daily life.

111 interviews will be conducted both in Japanese and Spanish with the same questions, each response will be in the same language in which the question was asked. For this reason, when editing the video we will remove the words “Japan”, “Japanese”, “Mexico” or “Mexican”,, in order to explore a human and universal value without regard to a country’s particularity . Along with the interview, each interviewee will be documented in a black and white portrait.

In the presentation we will show the documentary video, and between 30 to 40 selected black and white pictures, next to a phrase mentioned by each interviewee in the photograph.


“Parque Eco Tlaquepaque” – Sketches for Cerro del Cuatro Central Park, Jalisco State, Mexico

Commissioned by Sector Reforma

¨Already Made¨ Catalog

Edition 111
artist´s hand made each of all different edition book

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